Interview with our president Ombretta Moschella on the relationship between gesture and music in African dance

Zam Martino Ebale, well known choreographer living in Brussels, interviews the president of Amu Les Griots, Ombretta Moschella, on the intimate relationship between gesture and music in African dance.
The symbiosis between music and dance does miracles on us. By merging with music, we are freed from the effort, and we can easily  get into our happiness that springs from our unlimited potential.
As Zam says: dance the music and sing the dance!

GO GO GO !!! Danser la musique et chanter la danse la symbiose entre la musique et la danse fait des miracles sur nous en fusionnant avec la musique nous sommes libérés de l’effort et on peut librement puiser en nous pour naviguer dans le bohneur qui jaillit de notre potentiel illimité merci à l’asbl AMU Les Griots Ombretta Moschella Bassani Koné Zouratié Koné Souleymane Dankambary et à Chloé Cornelisse

Posted by Zam Martino Ebale on Thursday, July 23, 2020

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